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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi promises 'no flirting' with sidekick in new series



Nice to see an actor have a little integrity

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Wow I literally had avoided thinking about Sherlock teaching John how to dance for a long time until you guys reminded me today. There are so many textual things to be upset about but….it is confirmed. It happened. Sherlock actually actually got to feel John’s hand on his waist. Like the warm pressure of John’s hand. Right there. On his waist. Do you not think he thinks about that a lot? Like he probably vaguely fantasized about that but never even thought…I just think the feeling of John holding his hand and touching his waist is probably SEARED INTO his mind and he tries to delete it but he can’t.

And like, of course, he makes a few jabs at John for not getting it right at first. It’s his only defense mechanism. But then as John starts to get it he just gets lost in it and can’t help himself…he lets himself imagine that they are really dancing. He loves to dance. And he gets to be THAT close to John for THAT long. He feels John’s breath on his neck… I’M????? And by the time they are done he can’t breathe and looks a little cold and closed off as a result and John asks him if he’s okay (which is like, John’s favourite question to ask when he knows Sherlock so well that he knows the answer is no) and Sherlock is like “Yes of course everything is fine. That was…good. You and Mary will have a great first dance” but he’s dying

I promised myself I wouldn´t think about this anymore


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Mormor AU:

After five years of serving in military, Colonel Sebastian Moran returns to London. To his surprise, someone else didn’t leave the city at all - meeting his old friend and now Professor Jim Moriarty will soon have an unexpected impact on his life.

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